Federico Pacifici


writing resume

Place of birth: Rome, Italy
April 7, 1955
e-mail: freddytwo@tiscali.it
Italian agency:
TNA, Ms. Moira Mazzantini
Tel: (from U.S.A. 01139) 06808-2433
Fax: (from U.S.A. 01139) 06808-8608
e-mail: mmazzantini@tnasnc.it

"Non dobbiamo rappresentare la vita com'e' o come dovrebbe essere, ma come ci appare nei sogni"

"We don't have to depict life as it is, or as it ought to be, but as we see it in our dreams"

Trepliov, "The Seagull" by Chekhov

Screenplays, Plays and Novels:

Maquette by Beatrice Scarpato
for "An Adventure Show"


Watercolor painting by Paolo Cardoni
for "Into the mist"



Se desideraste leggere qualcuno dei miei lavori per il piccolo o il grande schermo, potete inviarmi una e-mail. Qualche cosa di giornalistico invece potete trovarla nella sezione seguente gia' linkata.


A few press collaborations:

·       Summer 1989, a few reports on acting for "Paese Sera" from Venice Film Festival.

·       1994/5/6 a few collaborations with NewYork-Italia. A bilingual magazine published in NYC. You may find an interview with Gianni Amelio, or with Bernardo Bertolucci

·       Dicember1999, a personal long report for "Caffe' Europa" (an internet magazine) on my own experience with Arthur Penn, titled "Six afternoons with Mr. Penn". The American version of it, will be ready soon (that I said, but I never got an American translation. It's too long and so too expensive).

·       2007 “le cose accadono” articolo in 2 puntate per “L’attimo Fuggente”


As a director:


I'm preparing myself writing a lot and doing short movies, waiting for the right chance.

In the meanwhile I'm writing, writing and writing, to be always involved in new projects.

"From 2000 up to June 2005 I've being writing, writing and rewriting my screenplay "S.S. 597, Peldesemene" to make it as perfect as possible, that I'd have directed. The plot was all about two Carabinieri’s killing. It should have been a sort of an adventure/western/theatre kind of movie, set in Sardinia Island. I took inspiration for the screenplay from a real story and trial documents."
The above came out to be a dream fallen down in a big shit, because of many many reasons. The first one was about production method, as usual in Italy. The production company got a public grant of € 1.300.000,00 on the 2003 summer. The movie was supposed to be shot on may 2004. Waiting and waiting the production company lost half of the budget. Then everything fell down.
I tried to change production company, but it was impossible.
So the dream turned to be a nightmare.
This is the answer to all those nice people who are still calling me to collaborate to make the movie. It is over!
You may have a look of this 4' short movie I shot and edited on March 2005: "
Nuovo cinema mercato". It has been screened in Venice at Casa degli autori on September 2005 together with other 7 short movies collected in one bigger movie (the link will be ready soon).

On January 19th 2003, at Filodrammatici Theater in Milan, I did a reading of a couple of 'one act plays' of mine, "Deformazione professionale" and "Di niente", performed by Cloris Brosca and Sergio Pierattini.
It was very very nice working with those two great actors.

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