Federico Pacifici's pictures

The Taming of the Shrew, Gremio, make up section, summer 2015

Gremio prova trucco

New B&W 3/4 and profile

Poliziano 1Poliziano 2

by Vittoria Fenati
Caffè Poliziano, Montepulciano, Italy, December 2014

Profile and 3/4, 2012

"A fari spenti nella notte" TV movie by Anna Negri
make-up tasting

make-up by Carla Vincenzino, hair by Rosalba Carmellini

1911 one of the first colored daguerreotypes


by Anna Bruscaglin

by Anna

Old, not too old and new

autoshotil ladrovia Skype

February 2011, on stage by Michele Curci
on stage 1on stage 2

Potenza, Italy, November 5th, 2010

pictures by Pierluigi Rottura
PZ-03PZ-05 PZ-23
Teatro Comunale Francesco Stabile

Night self portraits


April 13 - May 30, 2010

Frames from a self audition

audition2          audition3          audition1

September 23rd, 2009

Morning self portraits

auto          sovrapp          sorriso

                        May 24th, 2009                                                         September 1st, 2009                                                     September 1st, 2009               

Two headshots taken by Ottavio Celestino

long hair   April 30th, 2009            
short hair   May 4th, 2009

"A man, a dog"

December 2008-January 2009

A movie that will never be shot

a never shot movie       poster of never shot movie       a man, a dog

from "The exposure of Tom King" November 8th 2008

Tom King 1           Tom King 2

Tom King 3                       Tom King 4

link to M.V.1                                      link to M.V.2
Two shots by Maurizio Valdarnini, May 2008

Sptember 23rd, 2007


Hotel Meina March 2007


March 2007                                                    September 2nd, 2007                                                  September 2nd 2007


Rome 2,   September 2006





as B. F. Pinkerton, Lieutenant in the United States Navy, 2004/5


March 2001

Short beardHeadshots taken by Francesca Tecce, Autumn 2000intero

Again, headshots taken by Francesca Tecce, Autumn 2000

shaved                                           unshaved

Just the time to get shaved!

Lady in the dark: Teatro Massimo Palermo 2001, Teatro dell'Opera Roma 2002.

Lady in the dark

as Kendall Nesbitt

Make-up   Looking too close at the Opera Theater make-up

Taken by a public photo-machine, 1999       foto tessera

primopiano in studio a New York

head-shot by Moshe Katvan, 1994

head-shot by Hugh, 1993, taken in Union Sq., NY

primopiano all'aperto

age of 22 wearing a colored strip sweater   by Donatella Rimoldi, 1977

Il dottor Buonatesta Il dottor Buonatesta si distrae

A '700 century bad character of mine.

The same '700 century bad guy facing Borgio's landscape. 1994

io e mio fratello grande

My Childood:

My older brother Marco (blonde haired one) and myself 1959.

dal mio primo libretto sanitario

Again: when I was still a kid full of hopes.

un fumetto psichedelico?

Just a joke

Poster of "Flight of the Innocent" by Carlo Carlei 1992

Make-up by Alessandro Bertolazzi

Make-up by Alessandro Bertolazzi

Transforming ourself is a matter of make-up of course, together with lighting, feeling and a good director's directions.


LEFT: "The Night Taste"

by Claudio Caligari, 1998.
Make-up by Franco Corridoni.


"La Banda"
by Claudio Fragasso, 2000.
Make-up by Alvaro Rossi,
Hair dresser Alessandra Molinari.

Hur, a Moses' fellow Hur

at the phone Hur calls his agent and then thinks, 1995


Thinking Hur

Up side down in NYC, winter 1995/6 che freddo!

from "La Morte al Lavoro" by Gianni Amelio

manifesto fotografico del film esemplare unico

(link to CheckOut.com, movie)

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